Infused With Healing Crystals



Crystals have been used in holistic healing for centuries, they have the ability to do everything between boosting energy, to calming nerves and balancing the mind & body. It was said that Cleopatra bathed in water infused with rose quartz because of its strong healing and anti-ageing benefits. Crystal healing is based on the idea that all matter is composed of energy, and crystals have energy that resonates with natural vibrations in the human body. The crystal’s elemental energies imprint into our skin products which activates their healing properties for your skin. 


Different Crystals & Their Healing Properties


The Amethyst gemstone is best known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties. It’s a favorite choice for many as it can help relieve breathing disorders, depression, mental conditions, and hyperactivity. Amethyst also aids in the treatment of skin infections, irritations, upset stomach, arthritis, and heart disease. It’s name derives from ametusthos, a Greek word which means “not intoxicated.” Amethyst is loaded with electrically charged ions, and helps promote tranquility, along with having the ideal healing properties to fight bacteria, reduce toxic load in the body, promote positive thinking, support cellular regeneration, and of course, keep your skin healthy and glowing!  

Rose Quartz
The famous Rose Quartz has proven to be the ultimate go to for those with acne-prone skin. Derived directly from Madagascar, this beautiful healing crystal can help clear up inflammatory conditions, stimulate blood flow, increase circulation, and reduce hyperpigmentation. While stimulating blood circulation, Rose Quartz brings more oxygen to the skin and releases toxins and impurities. It’s also known for relieving tension, which often builds up in the muscles of your face, all while helping to revive your youthful glow!  

Jade is a powerful cleansing stone that helps enhance the body’s filtration and eliminates toxins. With the flow of fresh blood through your face that Jade provides, it boosts your life force energy and prevents stagnation. This prevents your skin from becoming “flaky” in some parts.

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis is known for being super calming, and harmonizes skin cells, making it also a great choice if you’re dealing with skin irritation. This stone originated in Pakistan, and was made popular by its bright blue color and hints of gold. While stimulating objectivity, clarity, and encouraging creativity, Lapis Lazuli also helps to confront and speak one's truth and inspire confidence.