It All Started With One Question...Why Are None of These Products Working?

My name is Anaya, and as a young woman & college student, I understand the difficulties that come with skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation, dryness, and eczema, all while having super sensitive skin. This is what motivated me to start an organic skin care line. I have tried so many different products to address my problematic skin from drugstore lines, to high-end  beauty store lines.  They all were either too expensive, didnt work, or if they did, they would come with the consequences of irritating other parts of my skin. This is why with my current line I am including all organic ingredients derived directly from the earth with essential oils and my touch of healing crystals to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing, all while maintaining an affordable price for my fellow college students. We have always been told that our spirit and state of mind have the ability to affect our physical well-being. This is what inspired me to incorporate the healing crystal portion to my line. Crystals have the ability to renew and heal the energy that naturally flows inside of you, healing your physical body as well.   

Our Mission and Purpose

 Here at Crystal Luxe Skincare we are passionate about bringing you the healthiest and most effective skin care products while maintaining affordable prices. With our organic ingredients including pure plant extracts and our special touch of healing crystals, we are sure that our products will help heal and enhance the quality of your skin without exposing you to unnecessary toxins that other products do.  We want to provide our customers with safe skincare options from mother nature herself that are both soothing for your skin, and keep you in touch with your mind, body, and soul.